Q. How does a storytelling session work? Will you pose us?

Q. Our pets are a huge part of our lives, can we include them?

Q. Should I clean?

A storytelling session's idea is to showcase you in your element.  Where's your element?  We'll find that out.  Before your session, we'll talk about "unplanning" your day, keeping you engaged with each other, and putting you in situations that will allow natural interactions and emotions to be seen.  We'll talk about your favorite things to do, and get a general idea of what you want to do that day.  That way, on the day of our session, you won't have to think about what to do next.  On the day of, we won't keep a time clock and we'll just let the day unfold organically.   Will I pose you?  Probably not. Will I maybe ask you to do something again? Maybe.  But I've found that sitting back and letting the day unfold gets me the best images. Plus, who really LIKES posing for pictures? 

Q. What should we wear?

Q. Does a storytelling session only work for families with kids?

Definitely not. Everyone has a story... Whether it's a birth story, a maternity story, a business story, a love story... You name it, I promise you, there's a story there.

Generally I say refrain from wearing fluorescent colors, large logos, and super crazy patterns. That being said, this session is about YOU.  If your child's favorite outfit at this moment in time is a lime green raincoat and Ironman mask, let them wear it.  Remember, we're trying to capture you as you are. We're telling your story.  If a Batman cape is a part of that story, that's completely fine!

Absolutely! You just might hear me make baby talk at them for the first few minutes.  We're a pet family ourselves and I understand how integral your pets can be to your family.  They are ALWAYS welcome at my sessions!

That's entirely up to you.  The thing is, it's your mess. The hand prints at toddler level, the art supplies stuffed in every nook and cranny, the too full countertops, the unmade beds, the Legos on the floor (and it's ok, I've stepped on more than a few Legos, I'll survive!)... All of these things will disappear over time, but I want you to have the memories stay.  

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