The Brunstad Family | Seattle Family Photographer

I met the family at their house and we hung around for a little bit, and I was shown K's room. I loved all of the detail and trinkets that she just had to show me... She's definitely a collector :) After I got the tour, we all trekked outside for K to work on riding her new bike and to take a walk down to the park. It brought back a ton of memories for me of my parents teaching me to ride a bike and how many times I heard, "Walk it off!" (I was a ridiculous klutz on a bike). K's persistance paid off and we made it to and from the park unscathed!

I don't think I've ever met a kid so aware of nature and her surroundings. Seriously, if she's not some kind of conservationalist someday, I'll be shocked. Animals, trees, rocks... If it's in nature, she loves it. I think she would have stayed out there all day, and been able to tell me a story and a name for every tree that was in the park (and there were some COOL trees there!).

After we left and returned back to the house, we made a quick snack and K had to show me a couple more of her collections... I took the opportunity to get some shots of her amazing freckles and curls ;)

Brunstads... I had a blast with you guys! I hope you love this peek into your life!

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