The start of something...

I decided to take on a bit of a project this year. I've read/heard from a multitude of sources that a 365 project (or in this case this year, a 366 project) is a good way to see growth and an amazing way to see what your year looked like... Day by day. So I'm going for it. I'm all in. I'm posting pictures daily on Instagram, and planning on posting weekly on the blog (that might be the part that falls by the wayside ;) ). So here it is... Days 1-10 (see I'm a little behind already!).

Day 1 - Click, clack... Kinda.

Day 2 - When that first kernel pops...

Day 3 - If you give a boy a book :)

Day 4 - Waiting "patiently" for s'mores

Day 5 - Moon gazing

Day 6 - First masterpieces

Day 7 - My very own Calvin and Hobbes

Day 8 - The first movie to make him cry... Brave

Day 9 - The obsession with Bandaids begins.

Day 10 - ... And carry a big stick.


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