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A week ago I put my big girl panties on and applied for something I didn't think I'd get. A little background first...

Magic Hour is a non-profit organization that provides people who are fighting or have survived cancer with free photography sessions by curating a network of photographers all over the country. Families or couples or anyone that may be fighting or have survived the disease may apply at Magic Hour's website, and be connected with photographers in their area for a free photography session.

I found out yesterday that I've been accepted as one of this amazing organization's photographers!

I'm especially excited because if you know me, you know how much cancer has affected my family and those I love. The ability to give back to anyone fighting this disease is an amazing opportunity and an it's absolute honor to be chosen.

I'd love to get started as soon as I can with Magic Hour, so if you know of someone in need of a session, please share this with them. I'd be honored to work with them. Magic Hour's website and contact information is below, but please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Magic Hour's Website:

Link to the session application:

Questions for Magic Hour? Email

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