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Seattle Tacoma Casting Call

So, I need your help.

I've wanted to do a couple sessions lately and I can't get them out of my head. I just have this grand vision that needs to be fulfilled. OK, so grand might be overstating it, but regardless... I need to do these sessions for my own sanity!

What do you get? You get a free session with yours truly, and a selection of images from your shoot (the amount depends on which one you do, you'll get more details if you're chosen!) to print as you please. In return, you must allow me to use those images for promotional material and agree to share the images on social media with appropriate credit (you'll get un-watermarked images for your personal use however). To qualify for one of the casting calls, you MUST fill out the form below (see the casting call types and associated links!).

Casting Call Number One:

A family picking out/picking up their pet for the first time. Ideally I'd go with you to pick up your animal, and then document the first moments at home all together. This animal could be anything... Dog, cat, horse, guinea pig, or lizard. Pet goat or pig? I'm still in. As long as it's an animal you plan on interacting with, a part of the family if you will. Want to sign up for this one? Click Here!

Casting Call Number Two:

Grandparent time! I love the interaction between small children and grandparents. Are you heading to the grandparent's for an afternoon? A dinner? Whatever! I want to tag along and document it :) Have an awesome grandparent(s) that you want to get images of? Click Here!

Casting Call Number Three:

I'm working on a new format for my storytelling sessions, and need a couple of sessions to work out details. Do you have a short-ish tradition or activity that you want documented? For example, every Sunday morning you go have a doughnut at the same shop with your kids? Do you hit the farmer's market and pick our flowers for mom every Saturday morning? Let me know your idea and we'll chat to see if it fits the new format! Click Here to tell me your idea!

I can't wait to hear from you!

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