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Can I just say that Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year? I LOVE the cold and clear days, the crisp air, scarves, crunchy leaves (well, before we get that normal fall rain and the slugs invade any good leaf pile), the beginning of the holiday season.

Discovery Bay - Fall 2015

Seattle Tacoma Family Photography

Here in Washington, we actually get a pretty gorgeous Fall. The leaves change, dotting the green hillsides with splashes of orange and yellow, the air is perfect, and all of us heat wusses get our sun without the heat (ha!). Fall for my family holds SO many memories, the beginning of soccer season, first days of school, pumpkin hunting, trick-or-treating, stargazing, puddle stomping, reading books in front of the fireplace... I could go on for days, and that's just Fall. Don't get me started on Winter!

Leavenworth - Winter 2015

Seattle Tacoma Family Photography

There are SO many memories to be made during this time of year! Why is Fall/Winter considered a "slow" photography season?

Leavenworth - Winter 2015

Seattle Tacoma Family Photography

Makes no sense to me. The weather shouldn't stop you from preserving all of your favorite Fall and Winter memories! Here's some ideas for Fall/Winter sessions that you might love!

Indoors (because yes, we do get some rain in the fall...)

- Fireside stories (and indoor marshmallow roasting??)

- Movie night

- Baking or making favorite foods

- Dance party!

- Living room forts

- Arts and crafts/decorating for holidays. Pumpkin painting, leaf crafts... use your imagination! Or Pinterest ;)


- Leaf jumping

- Puddle stomping

- Nature walks

- Playing at the park

Short Trips

- Hot chocolate and donuts at your favorite shop

- Hunting for books at the Library

- Corn maze or pumpkin hunting

- Zoo or aquarium trip

The list goes on! Don't let the season stop you from telling your story!

Preserve some memories this Fall or Winter! Say Hello HERE and let's chat about your session ideas!

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