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I'll admit to having a little of a tenuous connection to this month's blog theme, but recent events in my family have pushed me to write this and well, two birds with one stone, right? In dream interpretation (see? Tenuous) orange symbolizes courage, endurance and strength... And I really hope that I have all of these things while writing this, because I know she did. She is my grandmother, recently departed, and this is her story, through her granddaughter's eyes.

We had her celebration of life a couple weekends ago because we knew she'd want it that way. She'd want us to laugh, to tell stories, and to revel in each other's company. I heard a lot of new stories this weekend, and a few of my favorites were retold.

I ended up having the honor of creating the slideshow that played during the celebration. Getting to sift through my grandmother's and my family's dearest memories was an amazing experience. I had never seen many photos of her when she was younger, so this was eye opening and absolutely fascinating for me.

My grandma had many names, Grams, Grandma Great, Mom, Mommy, Mama, Grandma Blueberry, Bevie Ev... And I'm sure even more that I don't know about. Everyone we saw Saturday, and everyone that has sent condolences have all mentioned her smile. It's one of the first things that even I remember about her. For a DMV worker, it's even more an amazing feat that she was as happy as she was ;)

I wish I had more pictures of her with Declan, with Clara. Why? Besides the obvious reasons (my memory is something to be desired), I don't want her to be just a "her" to them. I want them to know her by all her names... A larger than life memory. Photos may not be flesh and blood, but they are living, breathing memories. These images will have to be their tangible memories, their way to hold time in their hands and not let go. They'll read the faded chicken scratch on the backs of the photos and wonder about the other people in the photos... But they will know their Grandma Great.

So if you take only one thing from this post, let it be this. Print your images. Hold them until the edges are worn and a little dirty, touch the faces and remember how they smelled and felt... Just REMEMBER. Have a beautifully unorganized shoe box of photos so that every time you flip through them, it's a surprise.

And yes, that's me pouting... She always knew how to make it better though.

We'll miss you so much grams... But at least we have these memories.

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