Artist Inspired Blog Circle | Have a grey day!

In the PNW, we do grey like no one else. We're the home of the rain that sneakily falls until you're soaking wet an hour later and wondering how it happened. We're the home of the green-grey sound, because all it has to reflect is the grey sky. We're the home of the granite grey mountains that seem to scrape the clouds.

A lot of people I know have a hard time with all the grey. Seasonal affective disorder is a genuine concern where we live. The notion that weather effects mood is a legitimate reason for people to move.

Unless you're like me.

I revel in the grey. I love rain jackets and scarves and boots and puddles and everything else that goes along with it. I love the filtered light that flows into our windows when it's cloudy. I dress in grey, I paint my walls grey, I buy home furnishings that are grey.

For me... It's home. It's comforting, and soft. It's calming and homey. This is my grey.

Your next stop is the amazing Sharleen N Stuart Photography. and you can find her take on our Grey theme HERE.

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