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Can I just start by saying this is one of the few places my kid plays with something for more than 30 seconds at a time? If you know my boy, this should be reason alone for you to head to the Children's Museum of Tacoma if you've got active kids (or any kids... It's just that awesome).

We've been there a couple of times now, and this last trip was first thing Saturday morning. I hadn't gone on a weekend before, and boy-oh-boy is is busy. So if you like fewer folks milling around, definitely check it out on a weekday! My son was in heaven though, a ton of kids for him to play with! The area itself is not very big, but it sure packs a punch with water tables (a ton, and not your garden variety water and tubs), two areas for kids to climb and explore, a soft space with pillows and books, an art area, and Declan's (and mine) personal favorite the wind wall. Put scarves in, and depending on how you have directed the air flowing through the pipes, the scarves zip through the tubes and exit one of three ways. It was a blast watching him figure out what levers he needed to turn to get the scarf to come out of his favorite tube at the top (because he though it was hilarious when it fell on Grammy).

And yes, that pink scarf nailed him in the head ;)

We could have stayed at that wall all day, but we also found a spot where Dex could play with one of his favorite toys from home. If you don't have a set of these magnet panels as well, go out and grab some!

Only at the museum, they're on a light table, and waaaaaaaaaaay cooler.

The water tables were a hit as well, and the museum is kind enough to provide some awesome smocks for the kids to wear (so you don't get the, "I'm weeeeeeeeeeeeet!" whine after five minutes, ha!).

Another cool spot? This seated bike makes the huge wings on top of the exploring craft beat as if they're making the craft fly!

I don't have many pictures from this trip... Why? Because this museum is just as fun for the adults as it is the kids, and I was busy playing with Dex.

In short, here's a run down on the museum:


- Museum is "Pay As You Will" admission meaning they run purely off donations. You can play for as much as you can afford. I think this is the coolest concept, and I appreciate that there's somewhere that kids can go no matter the financial situation. So I encourage you to visit, and if you've got a little extra, pay a little extra.

- Something for every kid in a smaller area. Meaning, if you've got two kids that want to do different things, I'd almost guarantee they'd both be happy there AND you can almost keep an eye on both.

- Dedicated lot and a ton of street parking nearby.

- You can bring food in, or you have plenty of options in Tacoma nearby.


- Gets a little tight on the weekends when they're busiest.

All in all though, I'd take Declan here every week if we could. I honestly feel like he'd find something new to do every time.

Children's Museum of Tacoma - https://www.playtacoma.org/

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