Back To School - The 10 Photos You Should Take

I. Am. Terrible. About "milestone" pictures. Declan's first day of school EVER had me scrambling out the door, muttering a couple of curse words, sprinting back in the house to grab my camera, and hastily taking this picture.

Boy first day of school

Cute, yes, but definitely not my finest photographic hour ;) This year, I'm going to learn from my mistakes and write out some tips for you too!

The 10 Pictures You Should Take on the First Day of School

1.) Right when they wake up

2.) Ask them what they're excited about for this year, and take a picture while they're talking about it

3.) In the doorway with their backpack on

4.) Walking into their classroom

5.) Reading their favorite summer book

6.) With a sign, grade and age

7.) Getting off the bus

8.) Little siblings seeing them off to school

9.) A series of pictures when they get home, telling you about their day

10.) A picture of them fast asleep after their first day back... You KNOW they're wiped out!

Good luck taking your back to school pictures!

Don't want to take these yourself and still want the memories? Let's chat! I have a few openings left for September and October!

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