Ten Awesome Ways to Give a Gift Card

Gift cards are really one of the more perfect gifts out there... And they can be for so many things now! In our house we love to give experiences over actual gifts, but wrapping a piece of paper or a gift card isn't always the most fun (and neither is opening, no matter how awesome the gift is). So I thought I'd go out and search for some creative ways to give a gift card (and throw in a couple that my family used!). Without further adieu...

Seattle Tacoma Family Photography 10 Ways to Give a Gift Card

1.) Tape it to a brick and wrap the brick. My family even had a brick that made it round to a few different family members! It creates weight to the gift and the recipient is totally surprised. Bonus points if you put it gift side down so they think it's just a brick ;)

2.) Want to give something sweet as well? Fill a wide-mouth mason jar with smaller candies like Skittles or M&M's and slide the card in the middle (but make sure you keep it somewhere cool!).

3.) If there's a brochure or paper instructions with the card, make a paper envelope out of them! This one doesn't even use tape!

4.) Package it in something they'll need! Giving a coffee gift card? Put it in a mug (pssst, the Dollar Store has good ones that last!)! Getting them a gift certificate for photos? Put it in a frame!

5.) If you're feeling really clever, set up a scavenger hunt and hide the gift card. I think this works especially well if the gift card/certificate is for a trip ;)

6.) Feeling crafty? Get a clear glass jar and glue small, snowy plastic trees on the inside of the jar lid. Then tape your gift card to the inside of the lid as well. Add some silver or white confetti, screw your lid on, and flip... Voila! Gift card snow globe!

7.) Two words. Huge. Box. Put gift card in the bottom and fill with filler of your choice. I personally like packing peanuts.

8.) Don't mind a mess? Fill a few balloons with confetti and put the card in one of the balloons... The recipient has to pop the balloons to find it!

9.) Do you knit or crochet? Have an extra skein of yarn hanging around? Grab your card and wrap the yarn around it until it resembles a ball. Attach a tag to the loose end that says, "Pull!"

10.) Or you know... A nice envelope.

I hope this helped you come up with some interesting ways to wrap the gift cards or certificates you're giving this year! I'll be doing a post soon as well about giving experiences instead of gifts with ideas for everyone in your life from grandma to your kids to your significant other!

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