Tacoma Business Photography | Blooming Kids

If there was a kids consignment store equivalent of Cheers... Blooming Kids would be it. The owners, Amy and Justin, know your name and welcome you with open arms every time you visit. Your kids are welcome and encouraged... Books are there for reading, toys are there for playing, and it's understood that kids aren't always the most cooperative. Amy and Justin just get it... And get how to make a shopping experience with kids painless.

Their goal isn't just to create a store with cute clothes, it's to be an integral part of the community around them. Justin has a BK Dads group that meets a couple times a month, there are frequent scheduled casual play dates, and community events at their store. And they have plans to do so much more.

If you're in the Tacoma area... Or even in Auburn like me, Blooming Kids is absolutely worth a visit. You will not be sorry!

To learn more about Blooming Kids check out their website and social media!