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Yes, I realize we're a few days, (few, ha!) into the new year and I'm just getting around to posting something like this... If that's any indicator of the chaos that is my life, I don't know what is. But while it's chaotic, I know I can get through it. Why? Because I have this. I have you. Photography has been my release, my passion, and my love. The more I tell your stories, the happier I become. 2018 is going to bring some insane challenges and changes, but you know what? I'm good. Real good.

2017, you DEFINITELY had some peaks and valleys... And I'll be damned if I'm going to focus on the valleys. But valleys deserve attention too, as you don't know how good your peaks are without the valleys. My biggest peak though? YOU. All of you out there who have trusted me with your family's memories. Through weddings, adoptions, additions to your family, or just getting to document the love between you all, looking back on your images makes me feel so honored and humbled that you would choose me for something that is so important.

I have a few goals for 2018, but they all come back to a singular theme... To tell more stories. Couples... I want to tell your love stories whether you're just starting out or have been together for 25 years. If you're getting married, or just having a quiet morning at home. Small businesses... I want to see what keeps you coming back to work everyday. Small business is hard, and you have to be PASSIONATE about what you do and how you do it. I want to show your customers that passion. Families... Continue to show me your love, your milestones, your moments when you're maybe not your best. Why? One day, you'll want to look back and remember it all.

So as we launch head first and traveling at the speed of light into 2018, I want to stop and take this moment to reflect fully on 2017. I met some fighters this year. People that moved me beyond belief. Beautiful souls that took the crap hand dealt to them and made it something better. Kat's story still moves me to tears, mainly because of way she's handled her situation with grace and humor and realness. Sweet Jane and her family have turned Jane's diagnosis into a rallying cry for blood donors and have raised an unbelievable amount of funds for Seattle Children's. Isaac, the little boy in the picture above, has his forever family now because of people with MASSIVE hearts like Christina and Josh. There are so many more I could add here, but I'm sure you'd like this post to end eventually. One thing I do know about 2018 is that I want to meet more people like these. I may be taking pictures for them, but they're doing so much more for me and my heart.

It's getting late, and well, I cease to make sense and start rambling late at night, so I'll try to wrap this up with some coherence. Make 2018 an amazing year. Period. There's a lot going on in our world right now that makes it easy to think 2018 is going to be (excuse my language), a shit show. I happen to know that in the creases, the small pockets of our lives, it's not. It's beautiful. Find those beautiful creases and pockets and savor them, take pictures, remember them. I'll be over here doing the same.

Happy (belated) 2018!

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